Quick El Paso Carpet Cleaning Tips that will Save Your Carpets from Being Ruined

Remove That Carpet Stain the Right Way!

carpet15Is carpet cleaning in El Paso, TX not your forte? Well, you don’t have to be a professional to always have clean carpet at your awesome home and effectively remove the stains on it. All you have to do is immediate action and practice the simplest and easiest methods of keeping your carpets clean and stain-free.

Treat the stain ASAP. Don’t wait for the stain to set into the fibers and dry up. This would definitely make it worse. The faster you remedy the carpet stain, the easier for you to remove it and the lesser chances for it to be a permanent mark. Don’t wait for another day before you apply a cleaning solution toit.

Just blot, a very gentle tap. Rubbing, scrubbing, and scratching are a big NO to treating carpet stains. This will just make stain set into the fibers deeper what is worse that that is to totally ruin the beauty of your carpet. All you need to do is to blot or gently tap the stain. What you also have to avoid is for the stain to spread.

Use white cloth only. When you blot the stain, never ever use a colored cloth. Its fibers could stick to the carpet and may just add up to the stain. A clean white cloth dampen with your cleaning solution is the best thing to do. Blot the stain until the stain lightens.

Shaving cream could save the day! Shaving cream, especially the traditional white foam one, is very effective in removing almost any carpet stain. With it, you can get rid of carpet stains like a pro! Professionals in carpet cleaning in El Paso, TX recommend this solution for you to instantly remedy your carpet.

Chewing gum could be easily removed in two ways. If chewing gum on your carpet is your biggest issue, then you must know that there are two effective ways on how you can resolve it. First is by freezing the gum. Have a few pieces of ice cubes in a plastic bag and freeze the gum with it. After that, carefully scrape it with a dull knife, a not too sharp bread knife or a spoon is highly-recommended.

The other way is by heating it up. Simply the opposite of freezing the gum, use a hairdryer to make the gum pliable. Heat chewing gum with the hair dryer until it is easy enough for you to remove it with a spoon or knife. After that, you can grease the remaining stain to remove stickiness. You can use eucalyptus or olive oil as your solution. Gently blot the oil to remove the gum residues.